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Themes and Patterns

Introduction, by Scott Vanatter

Sacred literature demands the reader carefully engage not only the text itself but great and eternal principles. One simple method of active reading is to utilize the ‘look for’ method. . . .

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What’s New

Pages recently updated/added. Examples of the Pattern Old Testament New Testament Book of Mormon D&C Pearl of Great Price Joseph Smith, Jr.  Authors, LDS Authors,…

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Book Available

Discoveries in Chiasmus – A Pattern in All Things [Paperback, Second Edition] Compiled and edited by Yvonne Bent and Scott L. Vanatter — with chapters…

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Personal Note

Scott L. Vanatter, July 2009 Jared and I last actively updated our original website late in 2001. Between 2002 and 2006 we would alternatively ponder…

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Why Davidic Chiasmus? The “courses of the heavens and the earth” roll in perfect balance, according to laws governed by the grand Creator, “giving light…

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Commentary: The Journey Inward

< Jared’s final thoughts on the pattern. > Any scriptural passage may be interpreted literally, allegorically, morally, or anagogically (mystically). Heretofore, we have interpreted the…

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Jared R. Demke (1957-2006)

Jared R. Demke, 49, died of a sudden heart attack in the early morning hours of Sunday, October 8, 2006. “Hallelujah, All the Time” Without…

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Most Examples of the Pattern were outlined by Jared Demke, with input from Scott Vanater. Those examples marked with an asterisk were outlined by Scott…

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