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  • Moses 1 — This is My Work and My Glory*
  • Moses 7 — Enoch wept
  • The Book of Abraham — Facsimile No. 1 – The Sacrifice
  • The Book of Abraham — Facsimile No. 2 – The Revelation of the Cosmos
  • The Book of Abraham — Facsimile No. 3 – Coronation
  • JS-Matthew — …so shall also the coming of the son of man be
  • JS-History — “I had actually seen a vision” v. 21-25**

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Description automatically generatedA. Mauricio Gonzalez

August 11, 2012 at 2:32 am

I have been following your work for quite some time. I served my mission in Washington dc south mission. One of my companions served in mr. vannatter’s ward and showed me this. I’m a professional translator. I’d love to help you translate your work into Spanish. Please let me know if you think on doing this some time in the future, i’d love to cooperate to your work.

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Description automatically generatedScott Vanatter

January 13, 2014 at 11:44 am

Hi Mauricio. Thanks for the offer. We are still in the DC South Mission. (Who was your companion?) I have known most all the mission presidents here since 1989.

Sorry it took so long to get to this post. (I am not sure I will be working on a Spanish language site. I’ll let you know if/when it bubbles up. I’ve got many (English) examples of this pattern I’ve got to clean up and post. )