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Interpretive Key to Understanding the Davidic Pattern

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1. Basics, Significance of the Pattern

  • What is a Parallelism? 
  • What is a Chiasmus? 
  • What limitations are there with respect to traditional classifications of parallelism?
  • What is a Davidic Chiasmus? 
  • What is the significance of Davidic Chiasmus? 
  • Why is this structure named “Davidic Chiasmus”? 
  • How was Davidic Chiasmus discovered? 
  • How do you identify Davidic Chiasmus? 
  • What is the significance of Inter-Micro Analysis?
  • Please demonstrate the inner workings of Inter-Micro analysis? 
  • What is a bifid Davidic Chiasmus and its significance? 
  • Why are macro’s “C” and “D” seemingly out of order one-half of the time? 
  • What is a Davidic Parallelism?

 2. How to Use/Study the Pattern

  • Do Davidic Parallelisms or Chiasmus ever fall within a macro structure?
  • What are some of the difficult challenges faced when identifying a Davidic pattern the Old and New Testament using the King James Version? 
  • I note that some of your Davidic Parallelisms show the term “Ellipsis.” What is Ellipsis and its significance? 
  • Does the Joseph Smith Translation of the Old and New Testaments ever expand, delete, or alter the text so as to fit the subject matter into a Davidic pattern?
  • What is Inter-Chiastic analysis?
  • Why are Davidic Chiasmus six layers deep, i.e., A-B-C-D-E-F, and not three or seven? 
  • It seems that a “repeated” six element structure or pattern would place a restraint on prophetic expression?
  • In some of your examples, it seems that you are being a tad liberal in your reading of the text and it is resulting in something akin to “curve fitting.” 
  • Would you then give an example of conforming Davidic literature?
  • What is the significance of a six-element cadence falling within the center Macro “F” structure?

 3. Implications of the Pattern

  • How does Davidic Construction comport or compare with other chiastic analysis?
  • How is it that all these prophets, whose writings transverse millennia, continent and sociological influences come up with the same literary pattern? 
  • Did these prophets know they were conforming to the pattern?
  • Does the fact that chiasmus has been found in the writings and revelations of Joseph Smith diminish the authenticity of the Book of Mormon?
  • Though I don’t really disagree with your analysis, it all seems very abstract. Can you make it more concrete? Show how Davidic chiasmus influences our reading of a specific passage of scripture? 
  • Don’t you think that your analysis of Martin Luther King’s speech is a little stretched? Do you really think that Mr. King was inspired, especially considering his questionable political and moral background? Do you think that it is appropriate to list this speech alongside other prophetic works?  
  • What does “temple/endowment imagery” specifically refer to?
  • What relevance does “temple/endowment imagery” have to apostolic literature
  • What is a Davidic Plea? 
  • What is a Davidic Curse, Woe, or Malediction? 
  • Why isn’t there more commentary contained within this Davidic treatise?
  • Are there any caveats? 
  • Biblical scholars have long sought to find an all encompassing governing structure that matches the cadence, thought, rhythm, etc., without unanimous acceptance or approval. Does Davidic Chiasmus selectively pick up themes, without direct textual or rhetorical connections, to come up with its particular arrangement? 
  • Final thoughts of the Author.