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Themes and Patterns

Sacred literature demands the reader carefully engage not only the text itself but great and eternal principles. One simple method of active reading is to utilize the

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Examples of the Pattern

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Personal Note

Jared and I last actively updated our original website late in 2001. Between 2002 and 2006 we would alternatively ponder then discuss how we would improve our presentation of the Davidic pattern. When we began pulling together our thoughts in 1995, we envisioned writing a book on the twenty best examples of the pattern — from the book of Psalms. This first book would be for a general audience, not just for Mormons. We had several other books in mind, on a thousand related topics.

We enjoyed the give and take over the years — informing each other of some new source, or an exciting new way to understand and/or extend understanding the pattern. The last few years of Jared’s life we concentrated more on the “inner.” At the beginning of our writing in 1995, Jared had been focused heavily on Old Testament themes. Our constant, daily, evolving conversations over the years brought us to a fourth level of meaning of the pattern. (The first three being: 1. the literal, 2. the allegorical, and 3. the moral. This fourth level being, anagogical — or experiential.)

Immediately below this post can be found our original Introduction. Below that, is a draft (only a second draft, we intended more refinement before we would publish) reflecting our expanded thoughts as of late 2005. I have titled this piece, “The Journey Inward.” Jared’s untimely passing in 2006 cut short our desire to more perfectly present where we were felt we were being drawn.

Lastly, we planned to remove certain of our original examples of the pattern presented in our first website. This, till we could invest the time needed to improve them to more perfectly conform to the thematic pattern. I have now begun the process of cleaning up many original examples of the pattern. I have started with Joseph Smith’s ‘King Follett Discourse.’ As our webhosting company has shut down all URLs, I have created this new URL as the new home for Davidic Chiasmus and Parallelisms. Over time, I will continue to update this website with the best examples of the pattern, including most of Jared’s exposition on how to understand it. This, of course, will take time. If any reader desires access to one of the many examples not yet updated, please post a request and I will prepare it for publication on the site, or send it directly to you. Thank you for your patience as I work through bringing this new website up to the higher standards Jared and I desired.

Please see immediately below our original Introduction; following that, some of our most recent thoughts — “The Journey Inward.”

Scott L. Vanatter, July 2009






Why Davidic Chiasmus?

The “courses of the heavens and the earth” roll in perfect balance, according to laws governed by the grand Creator, “giving light to each other in their times and seasons” (DC 88:40

The Journey Inward

< Jared’s final thoughts on the pattern. >

Any scriptural passage may be interpreted literally, allegorically, morally, or anagogically (mystically). Heretofore, we have interpreted the Davidic pattern according to the first three disciplines. Might we also suggest an anagogical reading that does not center in the historical past or historical future, but in the transcendence of time and the eternal. This includes but is not limited to the paradox found in the following pairs of opposites (placed in a Davidic format):

a. Material / Spiritual

Jared R. Demke (1957-2006)


Jared R. Demke, 49, died of a sudden heart attack in the early morning hours of Sunday, October 8, 2006.



The section Understanding the Pattern was written by Jared R. Demke, edited by Scott L. Vanatter.

Most Examples of the Pattern were outlined by Jared Demke, with minimal input from Scott Vanater. Those examples marked with an asterisk (*) were outlined by Scott Vanatter, with minimal input from Jared Demke. Examples marked with a double asterisk (**) were outlined with significant participation by both Jared Demke and Scott Vanatter.

The original website was last updated on 16 August 2001.